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NEWBORN BABY, and The Sleepy Mommy

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Newborn Baby, and The Sleepy Mommy
Many new parents today have asked themselves at some point, why didn’t anyone tell me about the challenges of being a new parent? Don’t get me wrong, being a new parent is one of the greatest gifts that anyone can receive. Your life is filled with joyous moments from the very moment that you lay your eyes on your newborn, however, without the proper support system in place, you may not be able to enjoy each of those loving moments as much as you’d like.
The number one thing that I wish someone had warned me about, and not just with a casual comment, but really sitting me down to advise me, and help me create a plan to combat sleep deprivation. In the first few months if there is not a real plan of support in place, every new parent will experience some form or another of sleep deprivation. While our work culture and society is evolving allowing fathers too to take paternal leave, the tradition has been and in many cases still is for the mother to take maternity leave after giving birth up to several weeks/months thereafter, if you are working for a company that values work/life balance and has sensible benefits plans for employees. In this scenario, the new father will often times need to return back to work shortly after the arrival of new baby. With that being said, dad will need a full nights rest to be effective the next day for work, resulting in realistically only being able to help with feedings during the night on weekends. Where does that leave the average new mother? She is forced to awaken every couple of hours each night to feed, burp, change, and lull her newborn back to sleep, all the while, breaking her sleep, resulting in being forced to operate on significantly less sleep hours as prior to giving birth.
There are those new parents whom are lucky enough to have grandma, or a sister, sister in law, cousin who lives nearby, or able to fly in during the first couple of weeks after giving birth, but let’s face it, as much as grandma loves being around her new grandchild and helping her daughter/son in getting acclimated with being new parents, she too has a life back at home, husband, may work herself, etc. preventing her from being able to stay but a short stint.
Metro Parent Relief’s Newborn Night Nannies can help pick up where grandma had to leave off, or can be your support right from the start. Our night nannies are usually mothers or grandmothers themselves, providing that personal experience, in combination with professional private nanny experience spanning over years of extensive newborn care making their capabilities in being the next best thing to mom, endless. Metro Parent Relief night nannies have helped over 300 Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland area families over the past years, and consider their services to not be just a job, but a passion. Our clients have raved on our website in testimonials, on our face book page, on yelp and elsewhere about how thankful they are in having the newborn support in place from Metro Parent Relief once their newborn arrived. Not only does a full night of sleep either all seven nights, or even just a night or two during the week help to promote faster recuperation for new moms, but it allows both the new mother and father to truly tap into, and enjoy the loving moments of being new parents without feeling sleep deprived or stressed.
If you, or anyone that you know is expecting a newborn in the area, and does not have a plan of action in place, refer them to call us at 202-520-5322 to learn how we can help!

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