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5 Steps to Planning a Toddler Halloween Party



5 Steps to Planning a Toddler Halloween Party

When my toddler came to me and asked for a Halloween party, I must admit I was a bit shocked.  Over the years I have had my share of hosting Halloween parties, but if memory serves me correctly, that began with my teen around 1st or 2nd grade, not as a toddler.

So I quickly put myself into party planning mode, and began with a list of To Do’s.  I wanted to share my list with others that may have signed up to host the party for the little ones for the first time.  I am hoping that with the steps to take, list of items needed, along with a few healthy, yet simple fun finger foods, you can pull it off as a successful event for your neighborhood.

Step 1List of Invitees   be sure to think of a couple of parents that would be willing to stay around to help make the party a hit.  If your child is anything like my child, she doesn’t always get along with all of the children in her playgroup, so you need to give careful thought into the children that she actually can get along with and have a good time, without unnecessary disagreements, and fits.  I have expanded my resource list given the compatibility feature to her playgroup, the neighborhood, friends at the gym, church group friends, and family.  Out of all of the group, I was able to come up with twelve girls and boys that I trust she will have a great time with, and parents that I will be able to count on to help things go smoothly.  Have fun with it, and fun with sending out the invites.

Step 2Fun Finger Foods– At every party, particularly a toddler party what’s on the menu is a major priority.  Think of fun, creative, healthy treats to serve the children during the party, and decide what times the treats will be brought out.  Take into account that some children may have food allergies, so be sure to contact via phone or email the parents of each child attending to inquire about any allergies. I think it is also very important to ask the parents to bring a snack of choice for the children, something that their child enjoys, in keeping the Halloween idea in mind.  Here are a few healthy ideas  Try delegating a role for each parent to assist with; your job becomes a little easier.  Of course I would not expect to have all twelve families bring a snack; however, I would divide the attendee list, and ask some to be in charge of games, supplies, party gift bags, invitations, etc.

Step 3Costumes, Games & Stories–   Start the party by introducing each child by name, and what they have come up with for their costume.  Children love to have recognition of their costume that they’ve chosen, even if it’s the 10th idea since the beginning of fall.  In addition, there are so many Halloween games that toddlers will enjoy.  Think of both indoor and outdoor games that will keep the crowd engaged.  Here is a quick link with wonderful game ideas for this age group. & Pick a few and have fun with it.  It is also a great tradition to have the children circle around an adult after the games are over, dimming the lights, and telling spooky, yet fun stories.  Ask the parents attending of any particular Halloween books that their child might enjoy, and introduce the book as such.  For example, this book is one of Todd’s favorite Halloween stories.  This will help to ease any anxiety or jitters amongst the group, knowing that one of them really enjoys this book.

Step 4Music- Choosing the right music is important too.  Toddlers enjoy happy music, and surprisingly can learn the words to riddles and songs easily.  Here is a quick link to most popular Halloween tunes for toddlers  Again, we want to keep in the “spooky, gobbling, ghostly” tradition, but in a fun way.


Step 5– Have Fun!  Mom and Dad enjoy the time with your child as well.  My group enjoys letting the little ones have a great time with the party starting just a couple of hours prior to Trick or Treating, and going as a group.  There are also some really creative Halloween spirits that parents can enjoy as well, here is a quick link for ideas


Metro Parent Relief wishes you and your family have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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