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It’s that time again, back to the real world of waking up early, while it’s still dark out, getting what appears to be zombies in motion to get their day started.  Yes, we all enjoy the summer, and now is a crude reminder of just how fast time flies.  We take for granted those long, lazy days of summer. The family vacations, trips to the beach, a drive to the mountains, or even just a day by the poolside.   However, now is the time to begin prepping for the school year.  If you haven’t already began reinforcing the Regular Bedtime Routine/Schedule, get busy.  Reminding our children how important it is to prepare for the next day the night before is crucial for success!  Ensure that you have picked up your child’s school supply list, and all backpacks, boxes of tissues, hand sanitizers, and more are all in place.  Here are a few tips to get the year off to a non-stressful start, and keep things running smoothly. I have found that during the school year, Meal Planning is especially helpful given the few hours that we actually have together in the evenings to have dinner, go over homework, bathe, and begin the bedtime routine.  Meal planning seems like hard work, but it truly isn’t, and there are plenty of websites out there to get you headed in the right direction.  Meal planning has many benefits, not only the time benefit, but in keeping your family healthy, you have time to think of what you want to prepare, instead of picking up that happy meal on impulse, there is also the smart savings on your grocery budget benefit when planning family meals. Hit the Target and/or Walmart now and stock up on Vitamin C, cough drops, aspirin or ibuprofen (Motrin), Neosporin, Band-Aids, etc.  By stocking up on these items you are sure to not run out when the need arises. Get your Emergency Back Up in place.  This list includes a few contacts of family or friends that you can trust to pick your child up from school in the event that you are not able to get there immediately.  Back Up childcare is also very important, as children get sent home from all sorts of unexpected things including falls, minor playground accidents, illness, lice, school has teacher work days, school holidays, nannies go on vacations, nannies or babysitters have unexpected emergencies themselves, become sick, and/or have a sick child, daycare centers close for holidays, inclement weather, and more!  You will need to have someone in place to count on to ensure that you and/or hubby aren’t using precious pto, vacation, or sick leave in which you may need at another time.  Contact Metro Parent Relief even if you have a family member, or friend that usually assists in these situation, as you never know what may be happening with their family, work, etc., at the time of need. Never let them see you sweat!  Remember that children pick up on your feelings of stress and anxiety.  If you are feeling a certain amount of pressure in preparing for back to school, take a few moments to yourself to relax, and unwind.  Planning an occasional date night or day date each month also helps to maintain the balance within the family dynamics.  Metro Parent Relief can help in many ways, just give us a call and tell us about your unique family needs, and we will put together the perfect solution for the heading back to school rush!

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