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Are you sleep deprived?  Do you feel like a walking zombie?  Sleep deprivation is a period in most new parents lives when you literally begin craving a few hours of straight sleep.  The lack of sleep required for the body to operate and function normally can be detrimental to your health.  Sleep deprivation is serious, and can cause weight gain, stress, along with poor decision making.  There are MANY reasons a new parent may suffer from sleep deprivation, but you’d be surprised to know that it is not all of the time the new addition keeping you up.  See these 5 Tips below, that you must incorporate into your winding down routine, to assure that YOUR body and mind is prepared for bed.

  1. No Caffiene after 3pm.
  2. Follow the same bedtime each night
  3. Lower lights, noise, and stimulation
  4. Do not check emails, surf the web, or anything computer related a few hours before
  5. Try to meditate- clearing your mind of all thoughts, and activities of the day

I also ran across an article from that has additional tips.  Again, this is about you, the parent, not sleep training for the baby.  If you find that you are unable to put these practices in place, due to a new baby, phone in help from a relative, friend, or us!  Everyone deserves a night of solid, uninterrupted sleep, even if it’s just one to two nights per week, you will find a couple of nights sleep can go a long way.  There are also experts, including some on the Metro Parent Relief nanny, sleep training lists that can help with incorporating healthy sleep habits for baby, should that be a reason for your sleep deprivation.  Our expert nannies, and night nannies, can help you get the sleep you need, to be the best parent you can be!

Check out the article attached.  Sleep is just as important for you, the parent, as it is for baby.

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Skin Cancer Later in Life from Childhood Exposure?

Did you know that one session of long-term sun exposure can drastically increase your chances of getting skin cancer later in life?

As children and during childhood we often go to the beach and pool with our families during the summer, and sunburn seems to be a common occurrence during that time of year. Most of us don’t think much about how sunburn can really affect us and our health, especially when its something that is hard to avoid. Even when sunblock with a fair amount of SPF is applied, a lot of us still end up with a case of sunburn at the end of the day. Although mild exposure to the sun is not bad, it’s actually rather good to get some daily vitamin D in, but what we need to worry about most is the times when we catch a case of very red and painful sunburn. A good way to tell whether or not you have a pretty bad case is when you have the following symptoms-

  • Red (not pink) skin that is rather painful to the touch
  • Small blisters filled with fluid (that may burst)
  • Excessive peeling
  • Scabbing
  • Swelling
  • Headache/Fever/Nausea

Sunburn with such severity may also be known as sun poisoning, which if left untreated could be very damaging to the skin. This type of sunburn with such severity greatly increases your chances of skin cancer later in life because of the damage it emits to the skin. Decades might pass before you see the affects of one case of sun poisoning/severe sunburn, and even after years it still had taken a toll on your skin and puts you at even greater risk. This is why it is important to always protect yourself from the suns harmful rays.

As for immediate treatment for sun poisoning and or severe sunburn you should try to stay indoors for a few days and limit sun exposure, when you do go out try to cover the affected areas. As well as use aloe Vera gel or deep moisturizers, drink extra fluids for a few days, take a cool shower or bath, or take an over the counter pain medication. All of which are short and easy fixes for the problem. After about a week if your symptoms still persist, you should take a trip to the doctor. There’s a great chance that you’ve received 3rd or possibly 2nd degree burns and your skin may need a prescribed cream in order to speed up the healing process.

Protecting your skin from the sun if extremely important, the skin is very sensitive and the suns UV rays can easily damage it. Its important to always wear some form of protection, anything with an SPF over 30 will do about the same job protecting you, and anything less is just about useless but the higher the number, the longer you can go without reapplication. Although its recommended that you should try to reapply at least every 30 minutes to ensure the best protection possible. Having a case of server sunburn is not fun trust me, and the affects of getting it once can last decades and increase your skins sensitivity to the sun. Why risk heightening your chances of skin cancer when you can so easily protect yourself and your children?


For more information, go to:, and


Written by Guest Blogger- Nyema A. Wilson




Every new parent knows that the first few weeks you are in bliss with your new addition to the family, however, that bliss can start to diminish as you become more and more sleep deprived.  Sleep deprivation is a real cause of many both cognitive and health related issues.  Sleep deprivation can cause new parents to feel sluggish, foggy headed, and deflect important decision making.  Sleep deprivation can also cause unwanted weight gain, and stress on the body.

Below are 5 TOP TIPS to follow as a new parent to inch closer to the goal of a good night’s sleep.  Review and implement these routines into the early weeks after birth, and mom will recuperate faster, and dad will be able to go back to work after taking leave feeling refreshed and in tune.

1-   Pump & Sleep– Some new parents are hesitant to introduce the bottle to their newborn at first. However, by doing so, you are ensuring that you have the ability to receive help from other’s with feedings, while mom rests.  This doesn’t mean that each feeding is by bottle, you still want to have the bonding time with your newborn, but introducing the bottle and having Dad, a family member, friend, or night nanny give the pumped breast milk 1-2 feedings per night, will allow mom to get a few hours of straight, uninterrupted sleep, that her body needs during this important time of healing.

2-   One Night On, One Night Off– Take turns getting up at night for feedings.  By rotating nights, for instance Dad on Monday night, Mom on Tuesday night, and so forth, this will allow each of you a well deserved break to look forward to.  If Dad has returned back to work, and family or friends, aren’t able to provide a continuous schedule of every other night helping out, call a night nanny agency to book a well qualified, completely screened, and professional, caring nanny, to come in and assist you.

3-   Separate Rooms– On the “Night Off” when it isn’t your turn, or you have a night nanny to help care for your newborn, consider sleeping in a separate room.  This will allow you uninterrupted sleep, while the person on is feeding and changing baby, etc.   It also helps to take turns sleeping in on the weekend!

4-   2 Shifts– Some parents of newborns have found that splitting the night into two shifts helps each parent get some sleep.  For instance, Mom can take the 10:30pm-2:30am shift, and Dad the 2:30am-6am shift, or visa versa.  This may not be an option if Dad has returned back to work, as he will not be able to provide the child care necessary during a shift and be alert and well rested to prepare for a busy day at work.  At that time feel free to ask for help outside of the home.

5-   Early To Bed– This is the one suggestion that everyone gave to me, but I would find impossible at times, go to sleep when the baby/children are sleeping.  With so many things to do, another load of laundry, empting a dishwasher, grocery store, dry cleaning, and not to mention keeping a clean home, it is difficult to allow yourself that complete down time when the baby is asleep during the day.  As a jack of all trades, which is what we become as parents, your other duties are constantly nagging at you.  This is another prime example as to when to call for help.

For more on tips for new parents to get sleep go to

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Memorial Day Lessons for Families

We all joke about family vacations, the ever lasting questions of “Are we there yet”?, the beach traffic that builds the anticipation, of the start of the long, lazy days of summer.  There are so many plans to make including, the laundry, the packing, the decisions on which clothes to bring, do we need to bring along the babies pack and play, who’s side of the family to visit this year, are we staying at a hotel or brave enough to stay at his parent’s home, the car rental, date and times of departure/arrival, are we going to fly or drive, and so much more!  No wonder so many parents are left feeling like they need a vacation after the vacation because there is so much work involved.

While putting it all together this week, remember that the most important reasons for family vacations and travel are to finally have a stretch of true quality time, build memories, allow the cousins to bond, great food on the grill, and hopefully a little R&R in between.  While we are so grateful for those things, and the ability to have this time with our friends and families, we also need to be sure to keep the whole meaning of Memorial Day respected, taught to our children, and appreciated.

As young as two and three years old, children can begin to identify with our American Flag, and chances are that you have someone in your family, or a neighbor, or one of the children at your kids school has a parent in the military.  Educating our children on the true meaning behind Memorial Day, which is the final Monday in May of every year designated to honor the men and women who have died serving our country in the military.  This holiday was originated after the civil war, and was formerly known as Decoration Day.  By the early 20th century, Decoration Day, now Memorial Day was being celebrated in a more expressive way by people gathering at national and church cemetaries honoring thier family members lost in the line of duty, marked by special family gatherings of meals, trips to the beach, fireworks, the long family weekend, and officially marking the start of summer!

You can make this lesson fun and enjoyable in many ways with your children.  Many families choose to visit the Arlington National Cemetary, The Tomb of the Unknown, The Marine Corps War Memorial, and the Wasington Monument.  DC area families have the ability to take advantage of so many sights here in the Arlington, and Washington DC areas.  It literally is a hop, skip, and jump, away from us, so please consider making memories with an important trip downtown.  There are also ways of learning about this holiday by reading books, perhaps attending a parade, or even taking a trip to The Arlington House, or otherwise known as the Robert E. Lee memorial, all of which can teach the appreciation and passion behind such an important holiday.  You, the parent, can make this critical lesson better understood, and easy to grasp by keeping it light, fun, and interesting.

Below is a list of fun books to read with children of all ages, including activities, games, and fun recipes to help educated the youngest member of your family about Memorial Day.  We, the staff, and nannies, child care specialist, and babysitters referred by Metro Parent Relief believe that keeping our children grounded, and teaching them to honor our countries military is a very important character building element.

The books that recommends include:

Memorial Day Books for Kids - Let's Get Ready for Memorial Day

Let’s Get Ready for Memorial Day – By Lloyd G. Douglas

Memorial Day Books for Kids - Memorial Day Surprise

Memorial Day Surprise- By Theresa Golding


Memorial Day Books for Kids - The Wall

The Wall- By Eve Bunting also has links to fun, educational, activities, crafts, coloring pages, teen book lists, and Memorial Day fact sheets and puzzles, so click below to check it out!

The day nannies, night nannies, sleep trainers, child care specialist/experts, babysitters, referred by our staff, and I wish you, and your family a very HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!



Metro DC Area Moms Groups – Finding Your Support Network

We know that a strong support network is essential for moms and moms-to-be.  But if you’re new to the area, or new to motherhood, it can be difficult to meet other parents, especially if you stay at home. We’ve found that our region is full of groups and clubs that are dedicated to supporting moms and their families.  Check their websites to find info about events going on near you.

Mothers of North Arlington (MONA) – This is a very active moms group with a wide variety of offerings including a cooking club, book club, gardening club, scrapbooking club, and the list goes on. You can sign up for playgroups and new mom groups, a babysitting co-op and they even put out a preschool directory. 

Old Town Moms (Alexandria) – This group is located in Old Town Alexandria but welcomes moms from all over.

MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club – With over 2,100 chapters in the US, including several in Virginia and Maryland, this is a group whose main goal is to provide a support group to at-home moms.  Activities include Mom’s Night Out, holiday parties, playgroups, weekly outings, service projects and more. Look for a group in your area-

P.A.C.E. Moms – P.A.C.E provides “educational and emotional support groups for new and second time around mothers in the DC area”. These groups meet for 8, 2-hour sessions and are run by professional mental health educators.  Groups are for moms and their 2-week to 5-month-old infants.

Vienna Moms, Inc. – The Vienna Moms include over 400 at-home and working moms who live in the Vienna area. This is an extremely active group with moms and kids socials, playgroups, book clubs, cooking clubs, a speaker series, Mom’s Night Out and more. You have to live within one of 4 zip codes to join (22180, 22181, 22182, 22124).

MOTH (Moms on the Hill) – This group is for moms and moms-to-be in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC.  Request an invitation by emailing

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) – MOPS is a Christian organization for moms with young children. Local chapters vary in size from 10-200 women and meet at least once a month.

DC Expectant Moms –Moderated by birth professionals, this group is committed to helping moms-to-be in the DC area find what they need for their pregnancy.  Resources for everything including doulas, childbirth workshops, massage therapists and more.

National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs – NOMOTC is dedicated to supporting moms of twins, triplets and higher order multiples. Activities include monthly meetings, social events, consignment sales, playgroups, holiday events, and summer picnics.  Check out the website to find info on Northern Virginia, Fairfax, Loudoun and Montgomery County chapters.

KidWX– – member based website that offers unfiltered reviews of service professionals for children. KidWX offers trustworthy, candid opinions from real parents!



Documenting Your Baby’s Growth

Keeping a photographic record of your baby’s growth is invaluable, but can easily fall by the wayside in the early months.  A lot of us take weekly or monthly photos of our pregnant bellies so that we can document the growth of our ever-expanding midsections and developing babies. Once baby is born, creativity often takes a backseat to diapers, burp cloths and 2am feedings. Here are some fun tips and ideas for documenting your baby’s growth that, with a little bit of planning, are fairly simple to do.

1.  We love the idea of photographing your child in the exact same setting each month.  By keeping the background constant in these photos, you can really see your child’s transformation from a baby into a toddler. Choose a setting that’s easy to recreate each month, the same chair or on the same rug.  Then, pick an outfit that you can buy in multiple sizes, like a plain-colored onesie or t-shirt.  Including a stuffed animal is a great way to add scale to the photo and it’s also something fun for your baby to hold while you take pictures.

2.  Another unique idea we adore is using a Stendig wall calendar as a background for your photos. This 36×48 calendar is a stark, neutral background that dates your pictures while allowing your little one to shine.

3.  Write your baby’s age on a small chalkboard or whiteboard and include it in your photos.

4.  Use balloons to show your baby’s age.  Adding a balloon each month makes for more and more adorable photos as the year goes on.

5.  Spell out your child’s age with alphabet blocks (you can include his name and milestones too) on a white blanket or sheet. Lie or sit your baby next to them and take pictures quickly before she starts to play with your backdrop.

6.  Monthly onesie stickers are really simple and easy to use and are a perfect way to document your baby’s first 12 months. There are so many designs and colors to choose from, simply stick these on a onesie and snap away.

For the best results, commit to a schedule (be realistic) and stick to it! Be consistent. Take many more photos than you think you’ll need.  Enjoy the process, and have fun!

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