Metro Parent Relief

Client Agreement

Services, Fees & Client Agreement

  • Services Offered

    -Overnight Newborn Care
    -Sleep Training
    -Daytime Child Care--All Ages
    -Maternity Leave Transitioning Back to Work
    -Daddy Back to Work Care
    -Back Up Childcare--Holidays, Sick, Summer
    -Date Nights--Parents “Me Time”
    -Nanny/Au Pair Fill-In for Sick/Vacations/Travel
    -Large Event Care- Weddings, Holiday Parties, Hotel Stay
    -Corporate Care- Holiday Parties, Seminars, Conferences, Business Travel Care
  • Fees for Services: Registration & Shift Fee BREAKDOWN

    -Annual Client Registration Fee- $250.00 -Referral Fee - $35.00 per shift for Registered Clients -- no additional fee for short notice orders
    -Referral Fee - $65.00 per shift- Non- Registered Clients -- $70.00 per shift for short order notification within 24 hours or less.
  • When choosing to become a REGISTERED client, the BENEFITS are:

    -Same trusted response and understanding as Stacie Smith, CEO of Metro Parent Relief has previously provided to Mommy Relief clients
    Service Requests taken anytime, M-F 24/7, and weekends up until 6pm
    -Shift Fee is lower when scheduling service
    -You are a PRIORITY customer receiving preferential attention, quick responses, and any promotions for 1 year period
  • Permanent Referral Fees:

    -To begin search, client must communicate precisely the services needed.
    -A registration Fee of $250.00 is mandatory to begin search (which includes; face to face agency interview, reference checks, criminal and sex offender checks, signed code of conduct)
    -When deciding to hire after a reasonable number of interviews- 15% of 1st year salary is due to agency on first day of employment.
  • Cancellations:

    There is a $20.00 charge for cancellations are paid to Metro Parent Relief where there is less than 24 hours notice of cancellation. This charge is In addition to the non-refundable Registration Fee. In severe weather-related conditions the cancellation fee will not be charged.
  • Confidential Client Agreement- Metro Parent Relief, LLC

    1- A Registration Fee will be due before any search or services are provided by Metro Parent Relief, LLC (“MPR”). The amount of this fee is set forth see above, when hiring permanently, Referral Fee equal to 15% of 1st year salary offered by client is due to MPR immediately on the first day of the Service Provider’s employment. Fees are subject to change.
  • 2- Metro Parent Relief requires a shift fee for each confirmed shift scheduled with a service provider. The client agrees also to pay the Service Provider the agreed upon hourly pay rate at the end of each shift. The registration fee, shift fee and referral fee are non-refundable fees once service is started.
  • 3- The Service Providers are prohibited from giving any contact (phone numbers, address, email address, etc.) to the client. Clients are required to pay the Service Providers for the amount of time scheduled, per the agreed upon hourly pay rate. If Clients choose to pay the registration fee for one year, said fee will be due prior to any reference from MPR. All shift fees are due upon completion of each shift, starting from the day of service, to the week following service, at the latest.
  • 4- Metro Parent Relief will bill the client’s credit card per authorization for any confirmed referral scheduled, generated between Metro Parent Relief and its Service Providers, [See above]. If Metro Parent Relief and client agree to being invoiced and client paying by check, that check payment is due upon receipt of invoice for services.
  • 5- Should a client decide to “retain” a Service Provider on a permanent basis, the client agrees to pay Metro Parent Relief the stated Referral Fee of 15% of annual salary negotiated.
  • 6- A $20.00 Interview Fee is charged to the client from MPR, at the time of in person interview
  • 7- Metro Parent Relief and Service Providers may have extra charges for the following: New Year’s Eve & Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus, Veteran’s, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day; and/or short notice weekend requests.
  • 8- Services Providers CANNOT administer any medication, or medical attention to clients, client’s children, or client home guests.
  • 9- Clients are responsible for any taxes due as a result of using a Service Provider. Taxes will vary according to the duration of a temporary relationship, and a permanent relationship imposes regular employment tax payments. If arrangements are made and a client agrees to hire a Service Provider permanently, or on a long term basis, the client is required to assume the employer tax and insurance responsibilities. Metro Parent Relief can provide the names of several local tax law firm’s .Please don’t hesitate to ask if needed.
  • 10- Metro Parent Relief, LLC conducts reference checks, criminal background checks, sex offender checks, and constant client feedback for all Service Providers referred.
  • 11- Non discrimination- Metro Parent Relief is an equal opportunity agency. Neither Metro Parent Relief clients nor MPR office staff shall discriminate on any basis, including race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability. Client shall indemnify Metro Parent Relief for any claims of such discrimination by an MPR service provider.
  • 12- Service Providers are independent workers, introduced by Metro Parent Relief to its clients, and are employed and paid directly by the clients of Metro Parent Relief, according to their individual rate schedule. Metro Parent Relief is a referral agency providing opportunities for its clients to meet and employ the services of said workers. Metro Parent Relief does not establish Service Providers hourly wage rates, or any other conditions of employment. Typical hourly rates charged by Service Providers to clients, are outlined above. MPR does not assume any employment obligation.
  • Electronic Signature

    By signing below, you agree to the above terms and conditions provided by Metro Parent Relief, LLC.

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