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What kind of arrangements or set-ups do I need in my home for a Parent Reliever at night?

Is there anything I need to provide for the Parent Reliever?

  • The Parent Reliever will arrive at your home at the scheduled clock out.
  • The Parent Reliever may bring a snack or other food and may ask to put it in your fridge if it needs to be kept cold.
  • You will need to provide a light/lamp for the Parent Reliever. Safety is of our utmost concern and many hazards can occur in the dark.
  • You do not need to provide a bed for the Parent Reliever but we do have a few suggestions for room arrangements.
    • Provide a monitor for the Parent Reliever to use so she can be in an area where there is light. As soon as the Parent Reliever hears the baby, she will attend to him or her.
    • Have the Parent Reliever bring the baby or babies with her into a family room area. She can, with lights dimmed, keep the babies with her, fold laundry, read, or study, etc., while the babies are sleeping without disturbing you.
    • Provide a comfortable chair in the baby’s room with a light the Parent Reliever can use for folding laundry, reading, needlepoint, knitting, etc.

It is not as ideal to have a parent and infant in the same room as the Parent Reliever. The parent will be sleeping and the Parent Reliever will be awake. The Parent Reliever will worry that you will awaken, and the goal of you getting a good night sleep may not happen as easily. The Parent Reliever will also not feel as free to move around, get up, etc. However, if this is the only option you have, it can work; just let us know in advance so we may find the right person who will be comfortable with the arrangement.

Will the Parent Reliever sleep while she’s at my house?

No, the Parent Reliever will not sleep unless you have approved sleeping as in the instances below. Generally, she will care for your baby, and if time permits, fold a load of laundry, sterilize bottles, etc.  There are circumstances where some clients want the night Parent Reliever to be able to sleep. If the parents are out of town and the Parent Reliever is caring for the child while the parents are away or the Parent Reliever is doing a 24 hour shift for the family. There can be various other instances as well.  In any of these situations, you will be the one to let the Parent Reliever know it is okay to sleep or doze.

I am breastfeeding. How will a Parent Reliever help me at night?

When you are breast feeding you have to get up, get the baby, nurse the baby, change the baby’s diaper, and get the baby back to bed. When you hire Metro Parent Relief’s referred nanny to assist you, your Parent Reliever will bring the baby to you, let you feed your baby and then come get the baby, change your infant, and put him or her back to bed. So, yes, you would still be getting up at night, but if your baby is gassy or has difficulty getting back to bed or if you have difficulty getting back to bed after standing up and moving around, Metro Parent Relief can be a lifesaver!

Alternatively, if you have a steady milk flow (i.e. your milk is in and is stable) and you have a supply of pumped milk, check with your doctor to see if you can skip a feeding or two during the night, on an occasional basis so that you may get a full night’s sleep while a Parent Reliever cares for your baby. We have spoken with some nurses and lactation consultants who have said it is possible but also advise that you should speak with your physician.

If you should chose to use an alternative method of feeding please be sure to tell us so we can educate our Parent Reliever on what to expect in your specific situation.

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