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Happy Veteran’s Day!

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I received a call from a potential client family this week inquiring about Metro Parent Relief’s services
and how we can help. The mother of two young children explained that she is seeking nanny services
as her husband is on a 6 month tour with our military and she can not afford to miss work for
daycare and school closings, unexpected illnesses, and could also use some help with
busy evening and weekends. With no family in the area, it get’s tough to manage it all by yourself.

After we hung up, our conversation awakened and encouraged me to think of strategic ways in which
we could go above and beyond to help families such as hers.

This Veteran’s Day, we want to THANK our troops that serve, both men and women of our military carry
a tremendous burden to serve our country and help keep our families safe, all the while leaving their
own families behind. I started to think that we could give back by giving to a fund which could help
to off set the costs of back up childcare, overnight newborn nanny services, and more to our families
that are separated during these precious times with young children.

If you, or anyone that you know wants to donate to our Military Family Support Fund, please contact us.
There is no amount too small. As a collaborate group we can alleviate and off set the financial burden
to families that call in with such situations and give them the peace of mind that they too deserve.

You can reach us at 202-520-5322 to donate. Happy 2015 Veteran’s Day!

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