Metro Parent Relief

Newborn Care

At Metro Parent Relief we recognize the benefit of having newborn care assistance when you are ready. We are at your service from the moment you get home from the hospital to when you have settled in and realized how helpful a well-qualified set of hands could be.


Our goal is to let you catch up on some much-needed rest to recover physically, mentally and emotionally after this joyous but stress-filled time. We know that mothers not only recover faster with a good night’s sleep but they function better as well. Mother’s of newborns who get more sleep are more likely to return to a healthy way of living and are less likely to suffer the effects of post partum depression. Fathers have better productivity at work and more patience when caring for the siblings. Whether you use our newborn care services one night a week or every night, you will surely benefit from a full 8 hours of sleep.


During the day our Parent Relievers give you the gift of time. You will be able to catch up on some sleep, make those birth announcements or just get a shower!! We have a 4 hour minimum which is just enough time to get your errands completed, follow up with your doctor, or maybe get your haircut. When using the daytime care, you will also learn many tricks of the trade from our Parent Relievers. Over their years of experience they have developed techniques for latching, nursing to bottle feeding transition, sleep positioning, extending time between feedings, creating schedules, and handling colic. Many of our Parent Relievers have been called things like “baby whisperers” and “angels.” You will be surprised what a help even just 4 hours can be.


To be honest this is a bittersweet service we offer. We love to help your babies enter into this phase of their life but we also know this may be the beginning of the end of our special time with your baby. If your baby is ready for sleep training (see Sleep Training) our parent relievers will come in for an over night shift for about 3-5 days and help you transition your baby to sleeping through the night. We have learned (the hard way) that the most difficult aspect to sleep training is the poor judgments we parents make during those sleepless nights. Even though you know you should not feed your baby that extra helping, you can’t force yourself to get up and rock and sooth the baby through that fussy period. Why? YOU ARE EXHAUSTED! Let Metro Parent Relief come in and do that job for a few nights and your baby will be sleeping through the night in no time.

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