Metro Parent Relief

Permanent Nanny Placement

Metro Parent Relief, your nanny agency, offers a permanent solution to your full-time child care needs. Should you decide that having a full-time caregiver is the best solution for your family, Metro Parent Relief will help. We are a nanny agency that will work to find you someone who best fits your family’s needs and lifestyle. Please see Who Will Be Your Parent Reliever to see who we consider for hire. You will be able to interview the candidates and select who is a best match. Once you have decided, our employee is transferred to you as your employee and you will be responsible for all insurance and taxes required as the employer. If you prefer to have Metro Parent Relish refer people for short-term, temporary requests, please see Temporary Nanny.

If you select a permanent nanny through Metro Parent Relief, you will have access to our services at any point. Since you are already signed on with our services, if your nanny becomes ill or you need more than the number of hours you scheduled with your nanny, Metro Parent Relief can fill in wherever you need.

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We recommend that you use GTM Payroll Services, Inc. if you would like payroll assistance. You can contact Jonita Denegar, FPC |Certified Payroll & Licensed Insurance Consultant at (518) 881-0224.


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