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We want to hear from you! Follow the steps below to write a review for Metro Parent Relief:

  1. Choose from Google, MerchantCircle or Yelp. If you are already active on Yelp, that’s great! If not, please use Google or MerchantCircle so your review will not “disappear”.
  2. Follow the instructions for the site of your choice.
  3. Post your review!


  1. Go to our Google page to view our profile.
  2. Click on the blue Write a Review button.
    Google: Write a Review
  3. Sign in or create username and password.
  4. Rate us and write a review.
  5. Click on the blue Publish button.


  1. Go to our MerchantCircle page.
  2. Click on red Write a Review button.
  3. Create a title for your review and put your comments in the Review box.
  4. Click on the red Submit button.


  1. Go to our Yelp page to view our profile.
  2. Click on yellow Write a Review button.
    Yelp: Write a Review
  3. Rate us and write a review.
  4. Click Sign up and Post—remember it’s best to use Yelp if you already have an account and have reviewed other business. If not, then your review might be filtered!
  5. Complete the registration process.

You can also review Metro Parent Relief on:

  • Facebook: In the timeline, look for the Recommendations box. Type your review over the words “Write a recommendation…”
  • Our website: Tell us how we did and email your review to We’ll get it posted ASAP!
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