Metro Parent Relief

Sick Policy

Metro Parent Relief understands children suffer from both mild and major illnesses as they grow. We are here to help support you when your child has some of the minor illnesses that may prevent them from going to their normal caregiver. Metro Parent Relief, although happy to care and comfort a sick child, does not possess the state required Home Health License mandatory for a caregiver to give medications in the home.*  For children with colds or minor respiratory infections, low grade fevers, strep throat, ear infections, diarrhea, or vomiting, we are equipped to comfort your child and ensure that the child is taking normal fluids and nutrition to keep them well.

We are unable to care for children with contagious viruses and/or head lice.

* Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia all have strict regulations regarding the distribution of medications in a client’s home. An agency and their employees must hold a license with the state which allows them to distribute medication. Only a fully licensed Registered Nurse who records all patient care, medication distribution and administration during a shift and is overseen by a Director who is a licensed Registered Nurse or doctor who reviews all charts for all medications and documents written by the acting Registered Nurse.

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