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Skin Cancer Later in Life from Childhood Exposure?

Did you know that one session of long-term sun exposure can drastically increase your chances of getting skin cancer later in life?

As children and during childhood we often go to the beach and pool with our families during the summer, and sunburn seems to be a common occurrence during that time of year. Most of us don’t think much about how sunburn can really affect us and our health, especially when its something that is hard to avoid. Even when sunblock with a fair amount of SPF is applied, a lot of us still end up with a case of sunburn at the end of the day. Although mild exposure to the sun is not bad, it’s actually rather good to get some daily vitamin D in, but what we need to worry about most is the times when we catch a case of very red and painful sunburn. A good way to tell whether or not you have a pretty bad case is when you have the following symptoms-

  • Red (not pink) skin that is rather painful to the touch
  • Small blisters filled with fluid (that may burst)
  • Excessive peeling
  • Scabbing
  • Swelling
  • Headache/Fever/Nausea

Sunburn with such severity may also be known as sun poisoning, which if left untreated could be very damaging to the skin. This type of sunburn with such severity greatly increases your chances of skin cancer later in life because of the damage it emits to the skin. Decades might pass before you see the affects of one case of sun poisoning/severe sunburn, and even after years it still had taken a toll on your skin and puts you at even greater risk. This is why it is important to always protect yourself from the suns harmful rays.

As for immediate treatment for sun poisoning and or severe sunburn you should try to stay indoors for a few days and limit sun exposure, when you do go out try to cover the affected areas. As well as use aloe Vera gel or deep moisturizers, drink extra fluids for a few days, take a cool shower or bath, or take an over the counter pain medication. All of which are short and easy fixes for the problem. After about a week if your symptoms still persist, you should take a trip to the doctor. There’s a great chance that you’ve received 3rd or possibly 2nd degree burns and your skin may need a prescribed cream in order to speed up the healing process.

Protecting your skin from the sun if extremely important, the skin is very sensitive and the suns UV rays can easily damage it. Its important to always wear some form of protection, anything with an SPF over 30 will do about the same job protecting you, and anything less is just about useless but the higher the number, the longer you can go without reapplication. Although its recommended that you should try to reapply at least every 30 minutes to ensure the best protection possible. Having a case of server sunburn is not fun trust me, and the affects of getting it once can last decades and increase your skins sensitivity to the sun. Why risk heightening your chances of skin cancer when you can so easily protect yourself and your children?


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Written by Guest Blogger- Nyema A. Wilson


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