Metro Parent Relief

Temporary Nanny

Metro Parent Relief can provide a temporary nanny solution for any child care need. Whether you want a week of daily care for an infant or just need a nanny to come a couple of afternoons a week for your tweens, Metro Parent Relief can help. Some common situations where clients use our temporary nannies are:

  • To cover the weeks before an au pair can start
  • For those critical few weeks after delivering a new baby
  • To substitute  when a permanent nanny is sick or injured
  • To have help during a maternity leave but not as a permanent solution
  • To help with the transition back to work
  • To cover a schedule that is constantly changing
  • To “test-drive” an individual before hiring them as a permanent solution for their childcare needs

Our Parent Relievers can help you transition through some rough spots or help you find a permanent solution.  We will work to find an individual that will fit your family’s needs, styles and situation. Metro Parent Relief provides care to children of all ages.

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