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“They found just the right person …”

“I’m thrilled with the Mommy Relief program.  I have a two-year old, a newborn and a full-time job as Executive Director of an organization.  I have the opportunity to be at home for the first couple of months with my newborn, but still need to do some work from home as the head of my organization.  Stonehouse found me an excellent Mommy Reliever who is helping me out a few days a week.  They found just the right person, who I can trust with caring for my newborn, plays with my two-year old and helps pick up the never-ending stream of toys he leaves in his wake.  The fact that she has had a background check through Stonehouse also makes me feel confident to leave and run errands while she is here.  It has been a great help to a very busy Mom – thank you!” – J.G. – Reston, VA

“…truly cared for our daughter…”

“Being first time parent’s we were already a bit hesitant on daycare for our daughter.  Once we found a suitable in home daycare, at two months our daughter was diagnosed with a blood cell disorder and needed to receive chemotherapy and various other medications that weakened her immune system.  We realized, a social daycare was not an option for our daughter because of the threat of our daughter catching something that could have made her situation worse.  I was reading my MONA monthly flyer and noticed an ad for Stonehouse Medical Staffing that was able to provide mommy relief.  I decided to send an e-mail to see if they would be able to fulfill a P/T position for someone to take care of our daughter or possibly refer me to another company or person.  I was so relieved they would be able to help us!  Since Stonehouse completes an initial interview and background check, I was very comfortable meeting the candidates they had in mind.  I couldn’t have been happier with the person we selected to watch our child.  The employee truly cared for our daughter and I couldn’t appreciate that more!  I also thought the staff that I worked with at Stonehouse to get this going and working with me, could not have treated me any better.  Everyone was genuinely concerned with my situation, and always made me feel okay if the unexpected came up (when I needed someone or didn’t need someone at the last minute).  We used Stonehouse for about four months and I was very pleased with the entire experience.  I will forever keep them in mind, in case something comes up, and I am always informing new parents of their mommy relief program.  Everyone needs a break sometimes, and we shouldn’t feel bad about it.  Thanks Stonehouse for helping make my life a bit less hectic!” – J. H. – Arlington, VA 

“…they had “Mary Poppins” on staff.”

“The Stonehouse Mommy Relief services have been invaluable to our family.  After a very complicated pregnancy and further complications post-partum I was in need of additional help and support when I went home.  I needed someone who could keep up with a three year old, a sixteen month old, a premature newborn and a dog that had just injured herself.  I called Stonehouse while still in hospital not sure what exactly I needed.  The staff was responsive and called me the next day asking when I wanted services to start.  Little did I know that they had “Mary Poppins” on staff.  Our Mary Poppins jumped right in on the first day and charmed our three year old, held the 16 month old and fed the baby.  This was then followed by navigating dinner time, bath time and a load of laundry.  “Mary Poppins”  continues to be a great source of support and help.   The needs vary on any given day but she has helped organize toys, she unloads the dishwasher, does laundry and/or plays with the children so that I can occasionally have a nap or get dinner ready.  The services and help have allowed me to recuperate so that I can keep up with my children.” – J.J. H. – Arlington, VA

Mommy Relief has provided much needed support during an unpredictable, precious and transitional time during our family’s lives. One of the Mommy Relief ladies was home waiting for us when we brought our baby girls home and helped me organize my supplies, get some much needed rest, help with cooking, even helped with giving the girls their first baths. We were asked “do you have help?” when expecting our girls and Mommy Relief has always been there to lend the extra hand we continue to need from time to time. We are very grateful for this service and recommend it to other parents and families. – S.B., Alexandria, VA

Mommy Relief is one of the best agencies I’ve worked with in a long time. As a new mother, I have really appreciated the caring, professional nannies they have provided. I am equally appreciative of the office staff, who have been able to arrange last minute changes when I needed it. – D.B., Arlington, VA

We really liked working with your company. We liked your personal approach to us as a client (the way to you checked on us to make sure we were happy with the service, your quick response to our needs), your flexibility (the way we could adjust the service schedule immediately) and the personnel that you provided us with. Both O.G. and A.L. were responsible, professional, cooperative, ready to please, and always on time; they were nice people too. We felt that they really cared for our son and because of that we felt very comfortable leaving him with both of them. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends and consider using you in the future for babysitting/nanny services. – O.J., Arlington, VA 

Mommy relief was like my own personal service of angels on staff waiting to help in any and every way possible. After suffering a massive hemorrhage, and an inflamed joint in my back post delivery I was instructed to be on bed rest for 3-4 weeks. No walking up and down stairs, driving, or bending over. With a VERY active and high energy 4.5 year old in preschool, a newborn, and running a business with nobody to help – I was in a panic. I remembered seeing an advertisement for Mommy relief one day, and immediately called after getting home from the hospital. Given the fact that I was experiencing all these issues during the Christmas holiday season and new years, I naturally feared that no-one would be available or willing to help. Not true – Mommy relief staffers worked around the clock to find capable, experienced, and reliable helpers for me and my family. We used their staff for close to 40 hours a week until I was able to get back on my feet (roughly about 6-8 weeks later). The people they sent were nothing short of amazing. They cleaned up toys, replenished baby formula and filled up bottles, made meals for my 4.5 year old and bathed her, went on walks/ had playground time, washed dishes, swept the floor, sorted/ washed/ and folded laundry, and all with a calm smile on their faces. Over the course of 8 weeks, we came to know so many wonderful people – who my daughter just adored. From all types of different career backgrounds, each and every one was more than qualified as a care giver. Moreover, they all really loved being around my kids and showed that in every interaction I laid witness to. There was never a moment where I felt I didn’t trust their caregivers with my children. On the contrary, I felt entirely safe leaving them in the care of the mommy-relievers. Since then I have mentioned their service to anyone looking for help, and who’s willing to listen! They have proven to be such an unbelievably invaluable resource for our family, and we’re just so thankful that there was something like this out there in the time of our need. We still are using them to this day for date nights, and anything else that comes up.

Thank you Mommy-Relief for being our savior in a time of tremendous hardship, and adversity. Without you we couldn’t have made it through the storm!

With admiration,
K. B., Alexandria, VA

Mommy Relief has been a lifesaver for us! With newborn twins and little sleep, I know I can count on Mommy Relief for overnight help! I’ve also hired a part-time mother’s helper through the company and she’s amazing. My kids are learning so much from her and I have Mommy Relief to thank for that. – J.S., Boyds, MD

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