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Who Will be Your Parent Reliever?

The Selection Process: How to Find a Nanny

More specifically, how to find a nanny that is best for your family? To find a Parent Reliever who will work with your family we begin by listening to your desires and information about your family.  We then match a Parent Reliever who is available during your requested time period, is most qualified, and has a personality that is most likely to work with your family.

Who would we allow to take care of your newborn baby?

  • We receive hundreds of applications to be Parent Relievers but only an elite few are hired. Once we review the resumes and applications the first cut is brought in for an interview. The interview is intensive and often lasts more than a half an hour. We ask questions about experience with newborns, how they handle certain situations and how they care for children. If after that interview, we feel that we would allow them to care for our children (we have 2 infants, and 5 older children among us) then we go to the next step.
  • We check references, personal and professional, to gather more information about the candidate.
  • If the references are glowing then we run a state criminal background check (states are determined by their history of residency) and national sex offender checks.

How can I let a stranger take care of my baby?

  • We realize that although we have met, screened and learned a lot about each of our parent relievers prior to them being hired, many people are worried about getting help from someone they don’t know. We offer you some relief in that area. In addition to providing you with a solid background about the employee we have on staff, you are more than welcome to interview parent relievers to help you select the best match for your family. We want you to feel comfortable with the person you choose! Our employees try to be as flexible as possible to meet your interview schedule. For new parents, or soon-to-be parents, you may not have interviewed a child care provider before. We are happy to help guide you in this area so you can find out what you need to know about each person you meet.

What should I ask during a Metro Parent Relief interview so I get a person who can work well with my family?

You are going to want to learn about their background in infant care, find out if their personality will work with yours, and see how they interact with your baby.

    • Ask questions about their experience with newborns, how recently they have cared for you infants
    • Ask what they would do in a specific situation you foresee happening – for instance, “The baby is crying, you have changed the diaper, fed him, burped him and he just woke up from a nap, what is your next step to help him?”
    • Asking a few more “what would you do if…” questions will give you insight on how they handle situations, and what type of person they are.
    • Ask a few questions about what they like to do in their time away from babies.
    • Lastly, if you can, have your baby there. See how they react to the baby in general. Are they smiling at the baby, giving you a sympathetic look if the baby is crying, are they just dying to get a hold of that baby?


Metro Parent Relief offers training for our Parent Relievers. Our Infant Care Awareness Training involves every basic topic you can think of. We review the basics of hand washing and disease prevention, diapering, feeding and burping, when to call the doctor, colic techniques, swaddling, SIDS and more. Sounds like something every new parent should have, huh? We like to be sure that our staff is on board with the latest information in infant care.

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